Postal Service

Care Systems’ first staff management module which included Scheduling, Time Management, Productivity Tracking and Reporting was initially deployed in the US Postal Service. It was the largest deployment in our history- covering 80,000 staff in 20 centers across the USA.

The deployment made the Postal Service efficient enough to generate savings of well over a $100 Million per Year. Our partnership with US Postal Service is a great success story that has resulted in other large postal services using our products.

Navigating unit constraints

A great challenge in many industries, including the Postal Services across the world, are the many varied conditions and constraints when assigning shifts or work to staff. Our partnerships in Postal Services (and the challenges that come with it) has helped us advance our capabilities within CareWare to adapt and automate our product to resolve such conditions. This has helped us serve other industries better, especially in our Public Sector deployments.

Productivity tracking and benchmarking

Our success in enhancing productivity in three large postal services equipped us with the knowledge to enhance our systems with more sophisticated ways to compute, categorize, and display productivity and cost versus budget reports. We use advanced methods to benchmark comparable operating units in various regions in order to ensure our clients receive the most out of our product.

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