If your organization is committed to being one with a strong focus and commitment to Customer Service and Passenger Safety – CareSystems will help you reach your full potential. Through accurate Shift-Management, Top-of-the-Line Systems and Consistent Reports, CareSystems has been able to help improve the efficiency of major Airport Authorities – enabling them to perform at levels beyond the need.

Build best-fit schedules

CareWare offers a comprehensive scheduling package that allows you to schedule for your complete ecosystem. Choose from or combine, as best fits your needs, from shift-pattern based scheduling, system assisted scheduling, self-scheduling and automatic balancing.

Empower employees

With users provided access to a complete suite of self-service functions such as shift swapping and showing availability; fast and easy messaging with supervisors; and a comprehensive view of leave and schedule changes, employees feel empowered, leading to higher retention.

Manage staff fatigue

Our powerful rule engine can incorporate your organization’s and state/federal mandated scheduling guidelines to prevent employees from being overworked and unable to function safely and productively

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