CareWare has a proven, and exceptional flexibility which is required to serve Correction Facilities and Jails that exist within a State, County or a larger City.
The most commonly used modules for these facilities are CareStaffer for advanced scheduling and CareTime for Time and Attendance Management, and Payroll Interfacing. Unlike most systems, CareStaffer and CareTime are one integrated system, customized with the functions needed by each client. This has made our system an essential to these entities.

Distinguishing between Perimeters in a Prison

Officials of a Department of Corrections need to have controlled access to both areas within certain perimeters, and equipment they may or may not access. CareWare capability controls access to Security, Food Services, Social Services, and Healthcare provider staff.

Movement among Multiple Projects within a Shift

Conflicts may occur when certain workers are not restricted to one type of work during the work period scheduled. Furthermore, different sub periods often need to be attributed to different codes for project costing and budgeting reasons and CareWare accounts for all these factors.

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