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Care Systems

At Care Systems Inc., we pride ourselves on being experts in the field workforce optimization. We developed our first truly optimizing system in 1995.

Our involvement with enhancing productivity in the public sector organizations began in 1992 in the predecessor company, Planmatics, also founded by Care Systems’ CEO.  The then primary focus of our Management Consultancy was introducing the automation systems of other vendors, even before our own software systems were installed commercially in 1999.

Since our founding, we have been tackling the complexities and challenges of staffing.  Thanks to our clients and their constant feedback over the years, and Care Systems listening discipline, we have succeeded in developing the most complete and flexible staff scheduling system there is.

Rated #1 in capability by the American Hospital Association in 2008 and similarly in user-friendliness by the State of California in 2014, we are proud to say we are still the leader in the above. But we never consider our work to be done – we are constantly looking for ways to enhance and improve our products to meet the changing needs of our customers.

Our fully integrated suite of modules will help you predict coverage needs, create efficient schedules and keep track of your employees’ time and attendance with nearly all the manual steps fully automated, saving hundreds of hours of a mid-sized operating unit every month.

Our products are designed to be flexible to suit just about any complex environment needing advanced scheduling and time tracking. You have the complete freedom to define the work rules, credential requirements and other policies unique to your organization, and CareWare will ensure that your schedules are fully compliant.


Making every employee & manager successful one day at a time


Deliver market-leading workforce management solutions that empower our clients to improve efficiency, employee satisfaction and business profitability through simple yet powerful solutions that anyone can use

  • User friendly systems built on powerful science
  • Twenty-five years of success in workforce management
  • Exceptional customer support


Caring: we care about our stakeholders with the same sincerity we care for ourselves

Responsiveness: we are rapidly responsive to market demands, customer needs and our internal communications

Simplicity: our solutions are easy to use

Radical Transparency: we share information openly and honestly to create and sustain the best relationships, products and services

Fearlessness: no challenge is beyond our reach

Fully Automated Total Workforce Management

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