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Who We’ve Worked With

CareWare is an award winning, industry leading staff management system. We were the first platform to provide algorithm-driven scheduling solutions and have continued to refine and improve our technology. We provide efficient, automated schedule solutions, customized to your organization’s needs, and guaranteed to improve staff cohesion and communication while also cutting your expenses.

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Industries We Serve

Care Systems serves many different industries with our comprehensive, flexible scheduling system.

Health Care

After our initial and large success in the US Postal Service, we provided productivity tracking and enhancement services to the Deutschepost AG hospitals where there was a dire need to optimize nursing workforces and provide better work life balance to retain nurses working in hospitals. In 2003, we turned to specializing in Acute Care Hospitals. The advanced scheduling system turned out to be a capability leader right off the starting blocks. Our first commercial hospital at 200 beds, reported a saving of $440,000 in its first year after going live. This success has consistently continued until today, even though we have turned to serve other industries equally successfully. The ability to do so has been attributed to our design approach, which produced extreme configurability of the CareWare suite.

We added several specialized modules to serve just the Acute Care Hospitals and we are the only suite of systems that has 6 modules needed by both Acute and non-Acute healthcare organizations to greatly enhance their efficiency in staffing.

Public Sectors

CareWare has proven to have the exceptional flexibility to serve multiple departments or agencies that exist within a State, County or a larger City,

The most commonly used modules of CareWare are CareStaffer for advanced scheduling and CareTime for Time and Attendance management and payroll interfacing. Unlike some systems, CareStaffer and CareTime are one integrated system, presented with the functions needed by each client.  This makes our system especially suitable for use by public sector entities.

Departments of Corrections, Emergency Response, Sheriffs’ Offices, long term Care Facilities, and Maintenance Workforces are especially well managed by the above duo.

Courier and Postal Services

Care Systems first staff management module which included Scheduling, Time Management, Productivity Tracking and Reporting was initially deployed in the US Postal Service. It was the largest deployment of our history, contracted to cover 80,000 staff in 20 centers across the USA.

The deployment was able to demonstrate the savings of well over a hundred million dollars per year.  Unions were shown the system at the pilot stage and 4 unions agreed to the system. However, union constraints and resistance moderated the payback somewhat.

Disaster Response

Care Systems’ experience in Disaster Response is at the scale of a Statewide geographical spread for situations such as flood relief and rescue and our systems have been proven in work forces of over 10,000 who have their home bases in multiple locations across a large area of the scale of 100,000 square miles.

Our system maps the organizational hierarchy of the client, along with skills to supervise, and operate specific equipment. It also has the capability to serve certain segments of the geography and be moved to other areas under specified terms and conditions of the disaster.


Care Systems is proud to declare that over the past 5 years, we have ventured to 5 other countries and have been able to use the super configurability of the scheduling and time and attendance system to serve various environments and organization types.

Countries served include UK, Ireland, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Thailand.

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