We can help you improve patient outcomes and increase employee engagement with our workforce management platform for the healthcare industry.

Our products have been deployed successfully across several hospital types, including Acute Care, Psychiatric Care and Long-Term Care; from single hospitals to multi-facility systems and outpatient clinics, our clients look to us for accurate, efficient and automated end-to-end staff management.

Build bespoke schedules

CareWare offers a comprehensive Scheduling Package that covers your hospital’s entire ecosystem. Choose from or combine features that best fit your needs – from Shift-Pattern Based Scheduling, System Assisted Scheduling, Self-Scheduling and Automatic Balancing.

Manage staff fatigue

Fatigue undermines the safety of both patients and workers. Our powerful rule engine can incorporate your hospital’s and state/federal mandated scheduling guidelines to prevent employees from being overworked and unable to function safely and productively.

Empower your employees

Users are provided access to a complete suite of self-service functions such as Shift Swapping and Availability display. Combining this with the ability to message supervisors instantly and a comprehensive view of leave and schedule changes will empower employees and lead to higher retention.

Achieve a healthy work-life balance

Our platform’s Self-Scheduling capabilities together with its inherent flexibility ensure employees stay more engaged in the day-to-day. Together with equitable allocation of standard shifts and overtime, employees can enjoy a higher quality of life and healthy work-life balance.

Credential management

Stay informed of employees’ expiring certifications and licenses with customised alerts. Our Platform provides automatic integration of internal and external class schedules; this ensures zero work conflicts and that your employees are always able to practice their full complement of skills.

Dynamic staff management

Deploy your workforce to best cater to your hospital’s evolving operational needs. Our system’s dynamic features allow you to edit schedules, post-publishing, while automatically notifying relevant employees; fill open shifts by searching for staff based on expertise, availability and cost, etc.

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