Emergency Dispatch

Care Systems’ experience in Emergency Dispatch makes us capable of operating in a statewide geographical spread for situations such as flood relief and rescue. Our systems have been proven effective in work-forces of over 10,000 who have their home bases in multiple locations across a large area (up to 100,000 square miles).
Our system maps the organizational hierarchy of the client, along with skills to supervise, and operate specific equipment. It also has the ability to serve certain segments of the geography and be moved to other areas under specified terms and conditions of the disaster.

Getting things done in an Emergency Situation

Since emergency dispatches are provided mostly by public sector organizations – Organizational Structure, Reporting Relationships and Perimeters of Operation become critical; as are the conditions under which the above can be overridden. CareWare accommodates many such situations.

Geographic Separation and Travel Time

Our University partners are in the process of coupling GIS attributes and vehicle routing algorithms with CareWare. With this we are able to process instantaneously the distance of work from the location of staff, their distance to assets they require, and the subsequent distance to the place where relief is needed.

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