King Fahad Specialist Hospital


CNO, Nursing Administrators, Nurses

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Dammam (KFSH-D) is one of the most important specialist hospital in the Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. It has accomplished a lot in terms of providing quality specialist medical services in the region. The hospital offers a range of services to its patients including a variety of specialties such as Oncology, Organ Transplant, Neurosciences, Cardiac Services Programs, Genetic Sciences and many more. KFSH-D is the first specialized hospital in the entire Kingdom under the Ministry of Health to receive the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation.

With each unit having its own method of creating schedules manually, and with unstructured information flow and difficulties in coordinating non-operational events such as training courses, KFSH-D identified the need to automate their scheduling process to improve efficiency while allowing a seamless flow of information between systems. They wanted a system that could deliver the above while accommodating complex and unique scheduling needs of their respective units. After a rigorous selection criteria, KFSH-D selected Care Systems for Optimized Workforce Scheduling (CareStaffer), Productivity and NHPPD Targeting (CareWorks), Integrated Education Scheduling and Licensure Management (CareLearn).

Integration to Maximize Productivity

CareWare’s high-level integration of schedules with Human Resource Management System and Hospital & Clinical Information System has made life easier and more productive for end users, managerial staff, and system administrators. This integration provides a single point of entry for employee information that prevents redundant data entry, fluid exchange of data, and required outputs to other systems.

Errors Minimized and Employee Satisfaction Enhanced

Flexible rule configuration in CareStaffer has helped maintain compliance with various labor rules and regulations and minimize errors as it proactively alerts managers every time a rule gets violated. Employee satisfaction was enhanced through maintaining electronic records that facilitate the calculation of work hours and overtime hours accurately resulting in schedule fairness and reduced pay errors.

“Care Systems was selected amongst several other competitors at KFSH-D after a very stringent selection process. Care Systems provides a complete suite of Workforce Management modules to King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Dammam (KFSH-D) offering the best workforce optimization capability embedded in the most modern technology in a web based solution. The capability includes simplifying scheduling, Hijri Calendar, interfacing between HR and HIS, enabling employee communication via email, SMS, or in system communications, and facilitating many administrative tasks. Care Systems’ software has significantly added both financial and operations benefits to our hospital. Absenteeism management and Overtime control with Executive real-time Business Intelligence Dashboard’s have helped me and Nursing departments a lot. Care Systems delivered a rapid, smooth and successful implementation of Scheduling and Patient Acuity based on NHPPD/Census. Interfacing with KFSH-D HIS and Oracle ERP system was seamless and completely automated. Overall KFSH-D was pleased with the Care Systems performance and are happy to be a part of their initial success in KSA”

Fatimah Kazim

Project Manager, King Fahad Specialist Hospital

Incorporating Training Needs into Schedules

KFSH-D frequently schedules a large number of training programs for its employees. With the implementation of CareLearn module, they are now able to create courses for required employee categories/units and allow employees to enroll through the system, avoiding conflicts with work schedules and operational activities.

Refinements to Suit Complex Needs

To adapt to the local standards and culture, CareWare had to undergo some unique refinements, including adapting to the Hijri calendar, incorporating Ministry of Health standards, establishing an on-call Rota for doctors at MOH hospitals, and meeting unique reporting needs specific to KFSH-D. Care Systems manage to do most of these refinements in a short period of time.

As KFSH-D looks to continue effective management of its employee activities to the future, the organization is also exploring possibilities to incorporate time and attendance modules into scheduling application. Care Systems is keen on this and hoping to complete the implementation of CareTime in the future.

Due to the robustness of the application, Care Systems was able to accomplish the refinements that were needed and complete the delivery within 8 months of kick off date of the project. With the fully automated solution in place, the organization has increased productivity, reduced payroll errors, streamlined education planning, mitigated compliance risks, and most importantly, greatly improved employee satisfaction.

Capabilities Delivered

  • Schedule Planning & Schedule Adjustment
  • Daily Census / NHPPD Tracking
  • Daily Monitoring and Tracking
  • Credential Management with onscreen Alerts Overtime Alerts & Overtime Control
  • Real-time KPI & Productivity
  • Dashboards,Education, Planning and Scheduling, Analytics/Reports
  • Choice of Hijri Calendar & Reports in Arabic
  • Multiple Levels of Approvals for Requests Seamless Interface with ERP and HIS