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The CareWare Suite breathes new life into Staff Management

CareWare consists of a fully integrated suite of modules which
we rapidly and seamlessly integrate into your IT architecture consisting of your HR, Payroll, Census, and Patient Admin systems: The suite consists of - CareStaffer for staff scheduling automation, CareWorks for your staff's workload assessment, CareTime for time and attendance management, CareLearn for educational scheduling. We understand that always finding the right employee for the right shift is a daunting task. We also understand that doing so without sacrificing your employee's happiness or going over budget is often impossible. CareWare makes these sacrifices unnecessary by providing healthcare managers and staff with information at their fingertips to make more informed staffing decisions to effect better patient care


Get synchronized into the Future - with a high ROI Investment

CareWare has stayed ahead of the competition in capability
and delivery, and in sync with technological advances and staff management practices! CareWare is not a cost, but a great investment — with sure rewards as financial savings, staff empowerment, and, most importantly, quality patient care.

We have consistently provided our customers with an average Return On Investment in the hundreds of percent. Our systems deliver proven results: save time, save money, and save lives.