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What Sets CareWare Apart?


CareStaffer is our comprehensive automated scheduling module. With multiple methods to create schedules and tools to make schedule management easier, it is a large enough time and money saver that enables us to contractually guarantee a one-year payback.


CareTime automates the recording, tracking and subsequent processing of employee attendance to deliver accurate payroll disbursements. CareTime also automates the reconciling of time records vs. expected attendance or schedules, and significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of any organization’s time and attendance practices.


CareLearn manages employee education. Scheduling your employees’ shifts is difficult enough, but when you throw education into the mix, things become even more complicated. With CareLearn, coordinating education and work schedules is simple.


CareAnalytics is our business intelligence module that facilitates comprehensive, real-time data analysis. It provides managers with a tool with which to analyze and evaluate current organizational practices, allowing you to adjust these practices for the benefit of your organization.


CareBank is our integrated temporary staff management and staffing system that enables. your managers to fill open shifts with temporary staff with the right skills and, while managing costs effectively.


CareWorks is our module that estimates demand for staff or various grades and qualifications for each shift. Designed initially for the healthcare industry, the hospital version of CareWorks assesses patient condition on multiple dimensions and estimates a hospital’s required workload and nursing skill mix, driven by the number of patients and their specific needs for care. However, in order to create any effective schedule, you must first predict the required coverage levels. The assessment of required coverage and skill mix is important in any type of scheduling in any industry.

Take Staff Management To The Next Level

Our powerful suite of systems can provide you with easy to use, but comprehensive automation system for staff scheduling, automated time management, and a business intelligence dashboard that covers everything a manager could want. The suite of capability is designed to help optimize workforce management, allowing a manager to find the right employee for the right shift at the right location, while ensuring the time recorded is appropriate and minimizes overtime.

With our system, managers can automate schedule creation, manage float pools and time records according to organization policies, and track overtime, absenteeism, expiration of certifications, and daily staff movement with the click of a button.

CareWare gives your staff members the flexibility to enjoy a proper work-life balance, while preserving the integrity of your schedules. It empowers your employees by allowing them to communicate their preferred shifts while still maintaining controls to prevent overstaffing of shifts.  The result is a cooperative scheduling environment, where employees enjoy a greater flexibility in their schedules while managers meet their coverage needs.

With CareWare, you can say goodbye to the headaches and inefficiencies of paperwork!

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