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Our powerful staff scheduling engine is designed to help you find the right employee for the right shift at the click of a button.  At every step of the staffing process, we will empower you with just the right level of information without burdening you with unnecessary details.  We offer you the flexibility of choosing from many different scheduling options, coverage assessment methods, shift types and much more.  We also empower your employees by giving them the tools to make requests, change their shifts & express their preferred work times, all within the constraints defined by their managers.  Using CareWare, you can schedule your employees efficiently without conflicts, with lots of time to spare.

And we don’t just offer staff scheduling solutions.  Our fully integrated set of modules will help you conveniently manage a broad range of staffing operations including time & attendance, class planning and acuity assessment.  Please scroll down to learn more about our individual products.

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Using CareStaffer, you can build a schedule in minutes, publish it, make subsequent edits, all while ensuring complete compliance with company regulations.  Say Good Bye to the hassles of paperwork!  Whenever you make a revision, our system will instantly update all records ensuring that there are no conflicts.  All affected employees will automatically be notified.  In addition, our advanced scheduling tools allow employees to submit leave requests, trade requests & to bid on any open shifts.  

Managers can search for the most suitable employees to fill coverage gaps, broadcast open shifts, process staff requests, & also generate custom reports to aid with their decision making.  Plus tons more tools to optimize your staffing experience.  These features, combined with its flexibility & intuitive, user-friendly design make CareStaffer the most valuable staff scheduling product available.  

Optimized Schedule Management


CareStaffer allows managers to schedule employees quickly and effectively without any need for paperwork.  They can create & edit schedules, monitor coverage levels, broadcast open shifts, search for available resources and process employee requests, all in one application.  CareStaffer will automatically notify staff of any new shifts or changes to their schedules.  At every login, CareStaffer will alert managers regarding any new tasks or events such as pending staff requests, expiring credentials and even upcoming birthdays.  They can track the costs associated with each individual assignment or the entire schedule as a whole. Thanks to CareStaffer, staff management is no longer an administrative burden, it is a source of savings.


Improved Work Life Balance

CareStaffer gives staff members the flexibility to enjoy a proper work-life balance, while preserving the integrity of your schedules. It empowers your employees by allowing them to communicate their preferred shifts while still maintaining controls to prevent overstaffing of shifts.  Staff users can view their schedules, sign up for shifts, submit leave requests, and receive notifications directly through the system, thereby eliminating the need for phone calls and paperwork.  The result is a cooperative scheduling environment, where employees enjoy a greater flexibility in their schedules while mangers meet their coverage needs.




Care Time is the Care Systems’ solution for automating the tracking and subsequent processing of employee attendance data to facilitate decision making processes related to staff schedules and payroll. The systems consist of a device independent web based software application, optional time recording devices and integration with payroll systems.

Our customizable payroll settings & configuration tables will accommodate even the most complex of payroll scenarios. Create different payroll groups for different units or unit combinations.  Choose the right pay period length & dates depending on your unit.  Create any number of shift split rules & time partitions to automate the break down of employee work hours.  Define custom pay codes & pay rules for different unit, grade & shift combinations.

Time Tracking

CareTime captures data utilizing clocks, a web interface, and mobile devices. The information can be centralized and made available at various remote time stations. The clocks are sophisticated devices that accept biometric readings (finger prints,) PINs, and/or proximity cards. They can be easily integrated into the network of an organization utilizing TCP/IP protocol.


Record Overtime

Create as many overtime rules as you want.  Assign the appropriate rule for each employee through their individual profiles.  Or you could simply assign a single default overtime rule for all unit employees at once!


Time Record Reconciliation

Review employee clock in/out times.  Quickly identify missed punches & make the necessary adjustments.  You can rest easy even if you forget this crucial step.  In order to help eliminate errors, CareTime is designed to execute the time recording & reporting process sequentially without skipping steps.  Therefore, time sheet generation will only be enabled after all discrepancies have been resolved.


Generate Time Sheet

Our time sheets provide a detailed break down of employee work hours by pay codes based on user defined pay rules. Although the time sheets are automatically generated, the manager can still review & make any edits on an individual basis, before exporting them to payroll.  You can even add controls to make managerial review compulsory.


Scheduling your employees’ shifts is already difficult enough, but when you throw education into the mix, things become even more complicated. With CareLearn and Carestaffer, however, coordinating education and work schedules is simple and automatic.

 For example, you can use CareStaffer’s credential tracking to decide who needs credential renewals and CareStaffer’s schedules to find the best time to schedule classes. Next, you can use CareLearn to create courses and specify multiple modules, class times, exams, instructors, and even rooms for each course. Employees then login to CareWare and select courses from a course list specific to their position. CareLearn will warn them if they sign-up for any courses that interfere with their work assignments. All course sign ups are subject to the nurse manager’s review. 

Synchronized with Schedules

CareLearn allows you to organize and schedule your employees’ in-house trainings & educational assignments with ease.  With CareLearn, you can create courses for your employees, specify multiple modules, class times, exams, instructors, and even class rooms.  Staff can then login to CareWare and sign up for the available courses.  CareLearn synchronizes with CareStaffer to prevent conflicts between education & work assignments.

Proactive Credential Management

Using CareWare, you can actively keep track of the employees whose credentials are missing or are in need of renewal.  You can create the appropriate course in CareLean and then notify these employees (through the system) to sign up for it.  And once they pass the course and receive a credential, CareLearn will automatically update their credentials in CareStaffer.


Our business intelligence module facilitates comprehensive, real-time data analysis.  CareWare helps managers and executives with their day to day decisions by providing them with high level summaries of a multitude of operations and activities within their organization.  We offer a wide selection of dashboards under 8 different categories ranging from absenteeism to budgeting & costing.

The high degree of flexibility in these dashboards allows the users to analyze productivity and other details for various groups and various periods of time as desired.  Thanks to CareWare, measuring KPIs and monitoring critical thresholds is now a breeze !  

Comprehensive Real-time Data Analysis

Depending on their job role and function, each manager’s dashboard area can be uniquely customized to display the information deemed most useful.  And there is absolutely no need to regenerate your dashboards at different sessions.  CareWare will remember each individual user’s dashboard layout, and at each login, it will present the most updated versions of those same charts & graphs. 


In order to create an effective schedule, you must first predict the required coverage levels.  This estimation should not be limited to a mere head count, it should also account for the required skill mix.  This assessment of required coverage & skill mix is a particularly important step in nurse scheduling.  

CareWorks, our Acuity and Nursing Skill Mix system, estimates your nursing skill mix needs based on each patient’s particular condition.  Here’s a simple explanation of how it works. 


Patient Assessment

Assess each patient on multiple dimensions with CareWork’s included, validated assessment methods, or an assessment method personalized to your hospital and each patient. You can manually enter patient assessments, or CareWorks can “pull” them from your mature clinical information system.


Automatic Patient Acuity

CareWorks combines assessment ratings to classify patients into different Acuity levels.


Demand and Skill Mix Estimation

Based on acuity levels and individual patient assessments, CareWorks estimates your needed nursing effort, as well as what skill mix is needed.



CareBank is an integrated solution which combines temporary staff management with scheduling and staffing solution. CareBank allows your hospital to engage employees of all levels in collaboratively tracking and filling open shifts that were not addressed during the planning stage or the daily staffing process.

Perhaps the greatest challenge in healthcare staffing is adjusting to last minute cancellations or changes in needs. Filling an open shift with a staff member who has the right skills and credentials at the right price is normally a difficult and time consuming task. Keeping internal staff, temporary staffing pools, or outside agencies aware of your needs and open shifts is equally as challenging. To overcome such challenges, CareStaffer provides CareBank with all information about open shifts. CareBank then provides internal staff and external agency offices with proactive tools for filling these openings.  

Filling Open Shifts With Temporary Staff

CareBank enables closer collaboration between in-patient unit managers and resource pool managers. In- patient managers have full visibility of temporary staff available, and resource pool managers see which shifts are open, so that both can be proactive.

CareBank also helps managers decide which indivdual is the best option by displaying the cost of scheduling each person, their credentials and if the action create overtime.

Collaborate With Your Staff

CareBank’s availability feature allows employees to login to the system and indicate extra days or shifts which they can work. Availability is especially useful when managers or staffing office employees use CareStaffer to search for employees to fill an open shift. Anyone who has submitted availability for the specified shift will be marked as available and, as a result, appear at the top of the search results. This is a very effective way for employees to not only help managers cover unplanned absences and shortages, but also work extra hours if desired.

Schedule Temporary Staff

If staff bidding does not fill all open shifts or is not the desired process for filling open shifts, CareBank allows unit managers to send the remaining needs list to the temporary staff office for review and assignment. The temporary staffing office can review the open shifts and then assign them to suitable float pool or outside agency staff. Once they assign these shifts, CareStaffer automatically updates its master schedules and individual employee schedules.

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