Has any vendor you know of offered this to a Hospital? Care Systems does!

With our REIMAGINED nurse scheduler

The Payback Period is the time it takes for your hospital to generate savings equal to the money spent to purchase their nurse scheduling system. As a boutique company, Care Systems’ precision staffing maximizes your savings, making it possible to guarantee by contract a Payback Period, in most cases, of 12 months.

Techniques that allow Care Systems to make this Guarantee

JIT Staffing

Firms like Walmart and 7-11 revolutionized the retail market with Just in Time (JIT) inventory methods, and now, Care Systems has introduced JIT and lean staffing to nurse scheduling. At Care Systems, we have reimagined staff scheduling to empower nurse managers to create the initial scheduler rapidly conforming to all policies and constraints, instantly and optimally fill last minute open shifts using a variety of scheduling methods. JIT staffing methods give nurse mangers the ability to fill open slots in schedules with lower staffing levels than ever before, and to do it with confidence. The high usability of CareWare, evidenced by our #1 ranking in a State of California usability test, further enhances this confidence. Precision Scheduling and AI techniques contribute essentially to JIT Staffing.

Precision Scheduling

Precision Scheduling for hospitals matches staff levels with your hospital’s scientifically computed varying levels of demand, eliminating unneeded staff. Precision scheduling helps nurse managers quickly create an initial best fit schedule, and then choose the best nurse for a shift based on required certifications, skills, pay, and staff/hospital preferences. If your nurse scheduling system cannot do all this, then call us so we can show you how Care Systems can optimize your staff scheduling.

AI Approaches

Incorporating A.I methods in our nurse scheduling system allows Care Systems, to recognize and track nurse preferences and behavior patterns. Our system anticipates your hospital’s needs without input from nurse managers, so when it comes to nurse scheduling, Care Systems always makes the best selection – not just a selection.

Most hospitals do not realize they are not maximizing efficiency and resources when it comes to staff scheduling. As a boutique company, with modern technology, we pride ourselves on our resource saving features that other vendors are not able to provide. Our confidence in our technology allows us to offer a contractually guaranteed payback period, where other vendors cannot.

Still not convinced? Contact our team for an in-depth consultation regarding exactly how Care Systems can save your hospital time and money.