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Missouri Veterans Commission

The Missouri Veterans Commission (MVC), originally established in 1896 as the State Federal Soldier’s Home and has now become a state agency providing Veterans with timely benefits assistance, skilled nursing care and a final resting place with honor. MVC serves veterans with the Central Office, seven Veterans Homes, five Veterans Service Programs (VSP) and five Veterans Cemeteries, which includes more than 2,700 full-time and part-time staffs and 1,350 beds. Care Systems implemented two modules of its CareWare suite, CareStaffer and CareTime, to fulfill MVC’s goal of having a world-class Automated Staff Scheduling and Advanced Time & Attendance system. In January 2018, CareWare officially went live at MVC. During implementation, Care Systems successfully delivered 8 significant paid enhancements as well as 12 free enhancements to support MVC’s daily needs. CareWare flawlessly integrated with SAM II system which incorporated various administrative functions such as human resources and payroll processing for all departments and agencies in State of Missouri. By implementing CareWare, MVC has eliminated manual staff scheduling, automated the payroll process, minimized the number of paycheck errors, and reduced absenteeism levels.

MVC reports that they now have easy to use scheduling and time and attendance solutions. Some of the highlights as reported by MVC include:

  • MVC completely converted all paper-based business practices into a fully digitized environment with CareWare. All aspects of scheduling and timekeeping are under one centralized system, which has built effective communication between managers and staff.
  • CareWare successfully established two reliable interfaces with SAM II system: outbound HR interface and inbound Payroll interface. HR interface imports customizable employee demographic data, status changes, and leave balances sent by SAM II while Payroll interface finalizes timesheets and sends payroll files to SAM II payroll system.
  • CareWare created a data repository within the system which has proven very useful for managers to access historical punch records from last three years (2015-2017). CareWare imported this data from the prior system, Kronos.
  • CareTime module was implemented with capabilities to display the full FLSA workweek with working hours and punches for each employee on one screen, allowing timekeepers to work more efficiently.
  • MVC appreciated the automatic generation of timesheets with accurate pay codes and leave codes pre-populated, which largely relieved them from the significantly error-prone process of manual data entry.