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Missouri Department of Mental Health

The Missouri Department of Mental Health (DMH) was first established as a cabinet-level state agency in 1974.The three principal missions for DMH are (1) the prevention of mental disorders, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and compulsive gambling; (2) the treatment, habilitation, and rehabilitation of Missourians who have those conditions; and (3) the improvement of public understanding and attitudes about mental disorders, developmental disabilities, substance abuse, and compulsive gambling. Missouri Department of Mental Health is a multi-facility environment which runs seven state wide facilities. The seven state-operated psychiatric facilities include inpatient psychiatric care for adult and children, as well as sex offender rehabilitation and treatment services and have about 4,500 full-time and part time staff.

Care Systems provides two modules of its CareWare suite (CareStaffer and CareTime) to meet Missouri DMH’s requirements associated with automated staff scheduling and Time & Attendance system. In 2014 CareWare went live at the Missouri DMH and after a successful launch, the state awarded a 3-year extension for CareWare. By implementing CareWare, the Missouri DMH eliminated staff scheduling manual processes, automated the payroll process, minimized the number of paycheck errors, and reduced absenteeism levels.

Care Systems was also able to accomplish several business requirements which were not included in the RFP to support the Missouri DMH’s business needs. For example, CareWare automated the DMH-13 exception form, eliminating the need for paper at all seven facilities and created a data repository within CareWare where managers could access previous years of historical punch records.

Care Systems demonstrated CareWare’s integration capability by building an outbound HR interface and Inbound Payroll interface with the State of Missouri’s integrated financial, HR and payroll system (SAM II). The SAM II system incorporated various administrative functions including human resources and payroll processing for all state departments and agencies in state of Missouri.

Business Requirements Fulfilled. 

Care Systems used a matrix staffing method with an on call capability and converted all paper based and manual business practices into a fully digitized environment, where executives are able to see all the aspects of scheduling and time keeping under one centralize system. When a manager needs extra resources to meet the current demand, CareWare is able to find all eligible staff, even those from other facilities and rank them in an order where a manager can easily determine the best candidate for the shift.

DMH 13 Form Automation

Care Systems has successfully automated the DMH 13 Form as an electronic Exception Form that provides employees a quick and easy way to submit time discrepancies including three scenarios: missing clock in/out, additional time and cancelled time, which saved time with efficiency and fully satisfied the daily working demands of the DMH.

SAM II Interface Achievement

Care Systems successfully established two reliable interfaces with SAM II: outbound HR interface and inbound Payroll interface. With the HR interface, CareWare can download customizable employee demographic data, status changes, and leave balances sent by SAM II. Care Systems accommodated for a special scenario called Code 0 Implementation for employees such as administrative users who are not required to record time for their primary appointments, but need to punch in/out for secondary appointments. In Fulton State hospital, one of the seven facilities within the DMH, Care Systems implemented a unique method of processing timesheets where different pay rates were associated within the same grade.

Administrative Reporting

CareWare is packed with various types of useful reports such as Time Recording Reports, Late Schedule Changes Reports, and Absentee reports. Users can build custom reports based on their own preferences to accommodate work demand, and can schedule any reports to be sent by email automatically at any time frequency. Care Systems has also developed a fully customizable notifications function so each individual staff member can focus on what they need.

Thanks to the implementation of CareStaffer, the Missouri DMH is now able to create optimized schedules with a fraction of the time and effort. CareStaffer has empowered the hospital’s employees at all levels by giving accurate and easily accessible information.

Capabilities Delivered

  • CareStaffer for Scheduling
  • CareTime for TimeKeeping
  • SAM II HR/Payroll Integration
  • DMH 13 form Automation Search for Resources
  • Code 0 Implementation
  • Productivity Dashboards Analytics
  • Reports Historical Punch Access

“ In a very complex scheduling environment, CareWare simplifies and standardizes the scheduling practices for different facilities while increasing the transparency and reporting for executive management. ”

Project Manager, DMH