The Importance of Improving Staff Engagement

Even though it is an improvement over prior years, Gallup Reports that only 33% of employees feel engaged at work. Such a low rate of engagement has a significant to the quality of business operations, and this is especially so in Healthcare where patient well-being is at stake.

What can systems do to help C-Level executives CREATE high engagement at their own organizations?

Managers need to ensure the following. A well-designed staff allocation system will greatly assist managers ensure:

  • Employees understand what is expected of them.
  • Employees feel a sense of dignity in their day to day work – that employees are being used for that which they were trained and credentialed
  • Employees are respected for the needs of their life outside the workplace

A critical building block in creating this type of office culture when working with a shift-oriented workforce is efficient schedules that are communicated in an interactive fashion – staff feel that they can both participate in them and have an influence in determining the final work schedule. Staffing needs are complicated, especially in hospitals, due to 24/7 operations, different shift start times, need to float staff yet adhere to certifications and credentials that are active, and complex regulatory and union rules. Efficient staff schedules that meet needs of staff while keeping them happy and engaged takes the capability of an exceptional staff scheduling system

Advanced staff scheduling software is a solution, but managers need to choose wisely.

Staff scheduling solutions offered by the “big box” vendors may not demonstrate high user acceptance – which is driven by usability. Companies whose core skills are in HCM, Time and Attendance or Payroll systems, do not typically have the specialized skills needed for automated scheduling that also includes the staff empowerment features noted above.

Look for software that is usable user-friendly, well supported, and has the flexibility that demonstrates managers do care about the empowerment of staff levels.

Care Systems’ CareStaffer is a user-friendly and comprehensive staff scheduling system. CareStaffer accomplishes being robust and flexible, while also delivering the ease-of-use needed to satisfy both managerial and staff users. The LITE portal of CareWare is specifically designed for non-managerial staff, allowing them to view their upcoming shifts, requests, and communicate with managers as well as other staff. Making the LITE portal intuitive, easy to use, and extremely useful for staff members will ensure a high level of usage by not only managers, which is a given, but all the staff levels as well. Easily accessed by mobile devices, staff levels can view their schedules and put in requests of many types to managers at any time.

Ensuring that staff-level users find scheduling software both easy and useful will boost employee engagement, satisfaction and retention.

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