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Care Systems provides a wide range of services to make your
transition to a new system quick, painless, and rewarding.

Before you become a client, we suggest that we sit down with you and review our savings calculator and input your assumptions on operations into it. We can show you what you can achieve using CareWare versus using current processes using Excel, Paper, or a legacy system.  Note- we use whatever assumptions you provide. Then we will contractually guarantee at least half the savings revealed.  Often this half is well over 100% return on investment.  CFOs and CIO demand a 25% guarantee,

Care Systems Services Group ensures a painless and rapid transition to CareWare.  In addition, the Management Consultancy expertise of some of our team members can assist clients with issues of workflow synchronization with CareWare and organizational changes that may better serve the achievement of your savings goals.

You start with a highly user friendly system awarded a #1 ranking!  But any change can be intimidating.  How do we overcome this?

  • Collaborate closely with client staff and discover early their objections to automation
  • Tailor our process to you.
  • Be on site during deployment
  • Use proven processes from 100-user organizations to 10,000+

We will not be satisfied until every employee at our client institutions adopt and use the CareWare Suite effectively. After all ADOPTION => SAVINGS

Management Consulting

What we can offer you:

Twenty-five years of Management Consultancy Expertise:

In 2003, Care Systems was born from a management consulting company, Planmatics Inc, started in 1992. As a company specializing in using technology and benchmarking systems to enhance organizational productivity, Planmatics brings valuable change management expertise to Care Systems.

Productive Insights:

We study your practices and provide insights on your staffing practices that will best benefit from automation. We identify opportunities for CareWare to capture saving, ensuring accelerated returns.

Change Management

While change management is a part of Management Consultancy, we single it out due to its importance in overcoming resistance of users. Transitioning away from regular procedures is intimidating. However, our change management approach has led to 100% success in implementations.

What we can offer you:

Collaborative Change Management:

Change management is not an exact science, but a subtle art of investigation, motivation, recognition, and collaboration. We work with you to streamline our system to suit your organization.

Hyper Responsive Help Desk During Early Use

Questions in the early stages of use are addressed quickly to avoid frustration. A special segment of the help desk set up to be fully engaged for rapid response.


We tailor the implementation approach to each client site. We include very experienced and dedicated personnel.  The above has consistently achieved seamless integration and widespread adoption every time.

What we can offer you:

Thoughtful and Comprehensive Involvement:

Care Systems uses a structured discovery phase with effective interviews and surveys to capture nuance and detail of staffing operations, allowing us to understand your practices and how we can improve them.

A Highly Customizable System:

CareWare has over 2000 parameters that allows it to adapt to any environment with ease and speed. If there is anything that cannot be covered by these parameters, because our solution is entirely homegrown, we don’t have to jump through hoops before changing our software products. This freedom, paired with our products’ incredible flexibility, allows us to incorporate your suggestions into our systems very quickly — even if your request is very specific to your organization.

Rapid Implementation:

The high degree of parametrization of our robust system a rapid completion of system deployment in a few months for what a large vendor takes over a year.  You receive full returns on your investment in under a year.


The intuitive and user friendly design makes training easy and internal training by your staff a reality. Care Systems offers several training packages to choose from.

Care Systems’ training provides all of the following and more:

  • The Train the Trainer approach, designed to give your staff a sense of ownership over the system, allowing full integration of the system.
    • We identify management level users who can become trainers, train them intensively, and provide some oversight as they train all other users.
  • Tailored training for different user groups (e.g. for managers, end user training, system administrators, hospital help desk, etc.)
  • Classroom style training for hands-on learning
  • Online training for those unable to attend onsite training, those who would benefit from refresher training, or new employees.
  • User documentation and on-line help.
  • One click access to help desk during or immediately after training
  • Tailored training for different user groups (e.g. managers. train the trainer approach, end user training, system administrators, hospital help
    desk, etc.).

  • Classroom style training for hands-on learning or web training.

  • On-line training for those unable to attend on site training, those who would benefit from refresher training, or new employees.
  • User documentation and manuals which we periodically update and deliver to you both in hard copy and electronic form.

Interfaces & Integration

Integrating your environment with our software suite is a high priority for Care Systems. Our flexible interfacing engine and interfacing experience has resulted in a tried and true methodology to interface with any type of system.

We have completed interfaces with a variety of different types of systems. Some examples of our successful interfaces include the well-known systems from Oracle, SAP, ADP, Lawson, Kronos, Banner, Microsoft, Harris Computers, GE, and Cerner.

We have also interfaced with specialized public-sector systems such as those used in California and Missouri, as well as systems used in the government health and disaster recovery sectors of the UK and Ireland.

Who We’ve Interfaced With

Customer Support

When you work with Care Systems, our customer support team will always be just one click away. Every CareWare screen has an “Ask CSI” button, allowing you to request help at any time.

We are also available by phone or email and will return to your site periodically after go-live is complete to meet our users face to face and to address any issue that may be difficult to address via phone or email.

Care Systems believes in giving your users what they need to succeed. There is no user problem too small for us to address.

Request a Demo

Are you convinced? Ready to know more about our products? We will be happy to clarify your doubts. Please tell us about your organization and a member of our team will be in touch shortly to schedule a web-based demo so you can see what we are capable of.

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