Let us guarantee you that your 2020 Nurses Week is a much happier one!

Care Systems recently compiled its data from surveys we did at the 2019 American Organization for Nursing Leadership (AONL) conference, and we found a high proportion of managers not happy with their automated staff scheduling systems- our pressing question is “Why are you settling for “slightly satisfied” or any level worse than that?

  • Only 30% of users of other systems were “Very Satisfied.” At Care Systems, we believe that you should be 100% satisfied with your staff scheduler. After all, as a nurse, you would not settle for only 30% of your patients being satisfied with your work?
  • Many staff scheduling systems seem to be unusable or not easy to use for basic scheduling functions! Preparing an initial schedule (49% dissatisfied) and staff swapping (52% dissatisfied) ranked among the highest pain points – however, these are points (along with making schedule changes, filling open shifts, and contacting staff regarding scheduling) that, in Care Systems’ opinion, a staff scheduler needs to be easy to accomplish even with no training.

At Care Systems, we understand that nursing managers need a high quality staff scheduler that presents a very fluid and satisfying scheduling environment to both managers and staff nurses, so that they can focus on their patient care work, and not have to worry about unsatisfactory or difficult to change schedules. Nursing is hard enough and nurses deserve the flexibility in their work schedules. Getting such flexibility should be easy. When organizations aren’t fully satisfied with their software, they don’t use it. Instead reversion to behavior such as leaving sticky notes regarding needed changes occurs. This creates the situation where the scheduling office or manager is prone to create delays, errors, misunderstandings, and thereby, dissatisfaction. Fluid flexibility via a digital system accessible from any remote device reduces turnover and overtime, and helps the hospital see a high return on the investment.

Contact us to set up a demo for an alternative to “slightly satisfied,” and certainly to “dissatisfied” nursing users. Let’s start a conversation to get you to very satisfied! Before we even show you our software, let’s just have a quick conversation to see if we can improve your situation Afterall, according to our data, you have nothing to lose!