26 02, 2019

Definitive Healthcare Hosts Webinar Recap of HIMSS19 Conference

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Did you attend HIMSS19 this February in beautiful Orlando, Florida? If you went during February 11-15 you would have gotten the chance to visit the Interoperability Showcase, or maybe you attended the Women in Health IT Networking Reception. With so much going on during those 5 days, it would be hard for you to see everything the conference had to offer. (Or, if you’re like me, you were stuck working someplace cold and dreary far away from the Florida sun.) If you didn’t get a chance to attend, or if the conference is already fading into a blur in your memory, you still have an opportunity to register for Definitive Healthcare’s webinar “HIT Trends from the HIMSS19 Conference” on Thursday February 28th at 2pm ET. The webinar is focused on the most crucial takeaways from the conference, including: * HIMSS19 attendee demographics and areas of interest * Trends in healthcare IT, including remote patient monitoring, [...]

12 02, 2019

Advanced Algorithms and Nurse Staffing

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A recently published article focusing on the use of mathematical models to optimize nurse staffing demonstrates how algorithm-driven staffing can lead to improved staff coverage and a higher level of overall nurse satisfaction and lower annual costs. In my experience, while the benefits of advanced scheduling methods sound alluring, the tools and systems required to achieve them are generally perceived as intimidating, complicated, and out of reach for most healthcare organizations. Fortunately for you, I have good news; this technology is available today in one flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly platform. That platform is CareWare. CareWare was the first platform to provide advanced staff scheduling algorithms and is still the industry leader in usability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. Whether your goal is to automate staff scheduling, easily fill shifts at the lowest possible cost, improve staff satisfaction, or all of the above, CareWare provides a wealth of solutions to meet your needs.

31 01, 2019

Care Systems – What can we do for you?

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  Many of us wish to find the "perfect" suit, which is perfectly measured to fit our exact dimensions. Very few of us are built like Leonardo da Vinci’s "Vitruvian Man", a predictive model for human body proportions that is still used today. Most of us are a little bit shorter here, a little bit longer there, and therefore, an off the rack suit can never meet our exact needs. What we need is a custom fitting approach, but at an off the rack price – and it's difficult to find any reputable clothing manufacturers who are following such a model. That custom-fit approach is exactly what we do at Care Systems – provide you with the software solution you need, at an affordable price. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we don’t believe that clients should have to settle for one. In choosing Care Systems as your provider of Workforce Management [...]

28 03, 2018

Are you optimized?

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Introduction Optimization is defined as the action of making the best or most effective use of a situation’s resources. While generally applicable, this definition lacks specificity when it comes to complex processes such as staff scheduling. In industries with complex scheduling demands, optimization is more appropriately defined as finding an alternative that meets the organization’s goal for maximum coverage or lowest cost while meeting or exceeding quality expectations.   Goals Expected of Optimization Optimization technology for complex scheduling has existed for at least two decades but is offered by no more than two scheduling systems on the market today. This technology has been shown to provide high quality results yet surprisingly is still not widely adopted by hospitals and healthcare systems in the United States. With few workforce management vendors offering optimization capability, few hospitals know much about the advantages that schedule optimization provides. The most powerful optimization technologies use mathematical algorithms to produce schedules of best [...]

26 01, 2018

7 Tips for Efficient Staff Scheduling

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It is an oft-cited statement in business that to keep an organization’s employees happy there are two things managers should never get wrong: schedules and paychecks. Efficient staff scheduling is the bedrock of employee satisfaction and leads to higher productivity, lower turnover, and improved staff loyalty. With this in mind, below are seven best practices for efficient and effective scheduling we have learned from over two decades of staff optimization experience. Use shift templates Rather than creating a new schedule every schedule period, managers should document the days each employee prefers to work and create a template that can be repeated. Scheduling by template allows managers to create a schedule once and only fill in missing shifts as they occur. Allow staff to show their availability in the future When staff make their future availability known, managers can select the best person available each shift based on necessary skills, competencies, and whether the shift is [...]