CareTime, Care Systems’ Time & Attendance module simplifies the process of recording and reconciling work hours, as well as dispatching those hours to payroll. Unlike other T&A systems, ours is combined with CareStaffer, our scheduling module, to create one system that is comprehensive, flexible, and very easy to use, creating an extremely valuable solution that is primed to address overtime control.

Some of the key feature of CareTime are:

Multiple methods of time entry –
CareTime allows for time entry through a variety of ways: time clock devices (multi-method: RFID, biometric by fingerprint or facial recognition, PIN, etc.), mobile phones with geo-fencing, workstations at the work site, and any web browser user interface. CareTime can be configured to require multi-method authentication if that is your preference.

It also allows for entry of time for either full time reporting and exception or time card entry based reporting by exempt staff and accommodates an unlimited variation of shift start times, durations, lunch break placements and part time reporting.

Provides flexible access for employees –
CareTime allows submission of time off requests electronically through time clocks, web browser and mobile device user access interfaces, as well as automated time off requesting and can allow staff to view and track their attendance and PTO (Paid Time Off) in a calendar format.

It also allows employees access to their pay and accrual information in detail from home computers and office workstations. Summaries in adequate detail can currently be seen from mobile phones and time clocks.

Robust Reporting
The system allows managers to have access to real time data for any data element to generate, including PTO balances for different leave categories. It also provides the ability to generate automatic emails as reports or as alerts to selected recipients on any periodic basis–weekly, daily, monthly etc. If a report is desired to be sent like the above, that report or Dashboard format can also be set to be emailed periodically so that it appears populated in the designated recipients’ inboxes with the latest data.

Policy and Access Customizability –
The system manages and reports various forms of paid and compensatory leave, consistent with ACA and FMLA. Any leave policy can be set up and enforced strictly according to the policies and practices of each client, and unlimited types of leave with their attendant rules can be rapidly configured, including leave types that are not accrual based, i.e. jury duty, bereavement.

The system also allows electronic workflow approvals with multiple levels of approval and retrieval and changing of historical records of T&A by those with authority via the Rule Based Access Controls (RBAC) set up. Any change made in the system can be set for tracking to support audits.