The Right Staff at the Right Place, at the Right Time.

In today’s increasingly competitive healthcare environment, delivering a high quality on a tight budget has become the standard. Give your hospital the edge above others with CareWorks. Designed specifically for hospitals, our acuity based staffing solution ensures you make the best possible use of your workforce by combining a complex assessment of patients’ dependencies with intelligent scheduling. Decrease patient mortality, adverse outcomes and long stays, while improving staff (nurse) satisfaction leading to optimized operations.

Tailored for healthcare

CareWorks was created from the outset with healthcare in mind and therefore takes into account the specificities, both large and small, of the industry.

Multiple assessment methodologies

CareWorks is compatible with all accredited assessment tools, such as AUKUH and LU-ADQ. Rate individual dependencies on a sliding scale and choose the most appropriate method for each unit. Or configure a custom assessment approach for your own organization within CareWorks itself.

Intelligent allocation of staff

CareWorks’ proven algorithms will determine both the nursing demand per shift as well as the required mix of nursing staff, using sophisticated analyses of assessed data, ensuring the ultimate level of care is delivered to your patients.

Fast bed clearance

CareWorks allows users to indicate when a bed can be cleared after a patient is discharged or transferred so appropriate staff can quickly make the bed available for a new patient.

Generate positive patient outcomes

CareWorks determines patient acuity across multiple dimensions to resolve the requirement of nurse numbers and skill mix, then seamlessly syncs with CareStaffer to ensure real-time scheduling, resulting in consistent staffing, improved efficiency and ultimately, maximized patient outcomes.

Improve employee satisfaction

CareWorks consistently ensures the required numbers of staff and skill mix is assigned to each patient, this ensures that nurses don’t feel overworked or overwhelmed and are better able to enjoy their chosen profession, resulting in improved satisfaction.

Sophisticated, data-driven acuity

CareWorks’ advanced solution utilizes manifold patient assessment criteria, nursing intervention requirements and other events such as suicide watch to determine patient acuity at any time.

Non-nursing interventions

Unfortunately, paperwork (even if electronic), is an important and time consuming aspect of successfully running a hospital. CareWorks makes provisions to take into account non-nursing events such as admissions, discharges and transfers in and out, so all types nurse work is accounted for. This will make sure that they are not overscheduled or overworked, generating better patient outcomes and happier nurses.

Highly configurable

CareWorks is a unique product created in house by Care Systems, this means the platform can be easily customized to meet all your scheduling requirements.

Real-time scheduling

CareWorks flawlessly integrates with CareStaffer, the smart scheduling module, ensuring staffing requirements – by numbers and skill mix – are scheduled in real-time.

Nifty dashboard

The CareWorks dashboard offers an overall view of coverage including staffing and dependency summaries for quick comprehension and action.

Increase employee retention

By creating an environment where nurses can enjoy their work free from fatigued, feel valued by doing what they do best, and know they are making meaningful contributions by improving patient outcomes, nurses are much less likely to leave.

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