July 2, 2020: Care Systems begins implementation of their CareWare for nurse scheduling at NIH Clinical Center – with the stated goal of improving nurse empowerment, efficiency, and productivity, staying within budgetary parameters. It has been proven that the CareWare system will directly enhance nurse satisfaction and retention, indirectly, happy nurses are shown to improve patient care.

With CareWare, NIH Clinical Center will be using an advanced scheduling system that has been proven to have the above attributes and the dynamic features of CareWare will directly help to reduce overtime.

Care Systems, Inc is a boutique software company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland. Dr. Anura DeSilva heads the company as founder and CEO. With a background in Productivity Consulting, his mission is to help organizations with complex staffing needs radically reduce the effort of creating and then managing schedules, so that managers can apply their experience to patient care and focus on their mission. Dr. Desilva sums it up: “We are happy that we meet and exceed NIH’s specified requirements. After the award, a presentation given to NIH executives elicited significant excitement about implementing our system. It is important to highlight how a small business like ours meets every need that large-scale competitors do – and more. We are also thrilled that NIH recognizes how a small business can meet and exceed the needs of a premier research organization.”


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