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Many of us wish to find the “perfect” suit, which is perfectly measured to fit our exact dimensions. Very few of us are built like Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”, a predictive model for human body proportions that is still used today. Most of us are a little bit shorter here, a little bit longer there, and therefore, an off the rack suit can never meet our exact needs. What we need is a custom fitting approach, but at an off the rack price – and it’s difficult to find any reputable clothing manufacturers who are following such a model.

That custom-fit approach is exactly what we do at Care Systems – provide you with the software solution you need, at an affordable price. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and we don’t believe that clients should have to settle for one. In choosing Care Systems as your provider of Workforce Management Software, you will ensure your organization utilizes a product that has been recognized for its capabilities, its ease of use, and support services that have been described as “amazing”. However, beyond our software, the real benefits of choosing Care Systems are our change management focus and our ability to deliver specified customizations. We can deliver the highest organizational benefits by meeting client needs at a nuanced level, allowing staff to reach peak efficiency, while at the same time optimizing workflows and ensuring maximal product adoption. There is a reason we list Fearlessness among our values there is nothing you cannot ask us to do.

As a truly client-centric organization, we have delivered some amazing results for our clients in many sectors. We relish the prospect of collaboration, as it allows us to deliver a project and a product that fully meets organizational needs. The Missouri Department of Mental Health  had many specific requirements that they thought may be beyond the reach of any vendor, and were not included in their Request For Proposals (RFP). However, thanks to an extensive discovery process, scoping exercises and a collaborative development process, Care Systems delivered specific enhancements such as an extremely complex interface with the SAM II system and an automated exception form. Implementing our CareWare solution and its customized elements delivered tangible, measurable results – eliminating staff scheduling manual processes, automating the payroll process, minimizing the number of paycheck errors, and reducing absenteeism levels. Likewise the UK Environmental Agency required extensive customization of CareWare to meet their operational objectives. However, once these customizations were delivered remarkable benefits were achieved – including a 10% reduction in their annual overtime bill.

You can read about these Case Studies and others by clicking on here. As you read them, you may begin to think of some point points in your organization and wonder – What can Care Systems do for us?

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