Care Systems’ scheduling and comprehensive time recording/reconciliation modules are seamlessly joined as one system, allowing time records to be compared to schedules.

CareStaffer, the scheduling module, has four different methods of scheduling, each with different advantages

System Aided Scheduling:
The simplest of all our methods, this allows a manager to use a tool tip to assign any shift once or multiple times to any employee with a simple click. All organization rules, OT, credentials or staffing needs are enforced, and the manager is alerted if they are violated.

Shift Templates:
This commonly used method allows a sequence of shifts to be repeated every week, every two weeks or any other interval, into the future until changed, for each employee.

Our staff empowering self-scheduling has been refined using customer feedback since we initiated it 13 years ago. Managers open up a scheduling period to staff, and employees choose the shifts they desire. Like in system aided scheduling above, all rules are enforced and alerts available. Fairness considerations are enforced!

Automated Scheduling:
The system takes all contract commitments for each staff member, leave requests, staff preferences, and credentials into account and automatically generates a full schedule. As in all instances, managers have the final say to override before publishing online, after which cancellations, swaps etc. are managed by our system.

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