September 15, 2020: Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) contracted with Care Systems to provide comprehensive Staffing and Scheduling Analyses for their Office of Public Safety over the next three years, beginning with Police and Fire. As a boutique software company based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Care Systems, has provided tailored scheduling solutions in Public Safety – both in the United States and overseas. The MWAA contract builds on Care Systems’ long track record of creating large workforce productivity gains in the public sector.

Care Systems complements its software suite of automated analytical tools with their experience in management consulting methodologies, to enhance the adoption of their software. The management consulting techniques include change management approaches paired with other user engagement techniques that include surveys, user meetings, focus groups, usage data analyses, and the power of the aforementioned proprietary productivity improvement technology. Care Systems has implemented complex and customized Optimized Scheduling systems for many public sector clients and will employ all of these tools in their project for MWAA.

Founder and CEO of Care Systems, Inc, Dr. Anura DeSilva, looks forward to bringing his expertise in Productivity Consulting to organizations across the USA and especially, locally in the Metro DC area. “With our broad-based experience in serving public sector organizations in enhancing staffing productivity, we are looking forward to applying that experience to the benefit of our Washington DC area neighbor, the MWAA,” says Dr. DeSilva.

Dr. Anura Desilva, D. Sc, Care Systems Inc. | Tel 240-404-0355 | 12 S Summit Ave, Suite 325 | Gaithersburg, MD 20877