Smart scheduling, for a satisfied staff and reduced labor costs.

CareStaffer is a Smart Scheduling Solution that is perfect for any organization, of any size or industry. Easy and efficient to use, for both managers and employees alike, CareStaffer automates Schedule Creation, avoids Scheduling Conflicts and Unwanted Overtime. CareStaffer can incorporate the intricacies of your organization’s requirements while built-in reports and analytics help plan work ahead of time. If your organization needs a world-class scheduling software that optimizes operations across your business – then CareStaffer is made for you.

Schedule like a pro

Care Staffer offers four types of scheduling with varying levels of in-built automation for you to choose from, or combine as many types as you like to suit your organization’s requirements.

Total compliance

Care Staffer’s powerful rule engine can incorporate all of your organization’s rules, union rules, industry regulations and government laws to create the perfect schedule to fit your organization’s needs.

Comprehensive leave management

Set up as many types of Leave as your industry and organization requires and cover every possible scenario. Incorporate your organization’s time-off policies and even set Leave Request rules by unit or role.

Intelligent staffing decisions

Easily search for staff according to suitability, availability and cost to fill in open shifts without resorting to third-party staff banks. Drag and drop appropriate staff from other units to fill in vacant slots and save on additional overtime.

Fatigue management

Minimize safety threats to your organization’s operations. Care Staffer’s advanced algorithms will prevent managers from assigning and/or employees from signing up for too many shifts or shifts that are too long and will leave them too fatigued to function productively.

24/7 customer support

Simply click on the ‘Ask CSI button’ in the system, at any time of any day and our team of qualified engineers will respond to your queries swiftly and diligently.

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