Hire the best temporary employees at the best price.

Opting to create more flexible work arrangements, Businesses these days are engaging temporary staff to handle rising workloads more often – catering to employees’ needs, and establishing a trend that is here for the long run. For organizations to truly enjoy the benefits of a decrease in costs and better adaptation to fast-changing and competitive markets they need to manage their temporary staffing well. CareBank is the only staffing solution that allows you to reap the full benefits of temporary staffing by creating space for a greater pool to choose the most suitable candidates from. Allowing you to pick the most suitable workers and save time and money.

See all open shifts

As CareBank is fully integrated with CareStaffer, all unfilled shifts sent to the employee Bank instantly shows up, this means managers can quickly and easily handle even last minute schedule requirements with the best tools.

Plug-in any number of banks

Use internal banks, external staffing agencies, or both, and as many as you like so you have the best possible pool of candidates to choose from.

Include cost in your calculations

Because search results also show the cost of hiring each candidate, you can include it in making your choice, and ensure you are within budget limits all the time.

Self-service access

Opt to give regularly used temporary employees access to the staff portal so they can view, bid and swap shifts on their calendars, achieving higher fill rates and happier staff.

Improve candidate and agency experience

Candidates can now be notified seamlessly and disbursements made quickly and accurately; keeping, both Candidates and Employment Agencies, happy to be working with your organization.

Go mobile

Opt for mobile accessibility for, both, managers and candidates giving them the ability to respond to vacancies on-the-go, leading to speedier and higher shift pick-up rates.

Schedule view

The easy-to-use interface makes finding and placing candidates easier than ever while the schedule view allows managers to gain a full view of needs at a glance.

Find the best candidate

Search for candidates by job, skills and certifications, giving you the knowledge yoou need to choose only the most suitable candidate for each shift.

Notify candidates directly

Choose to notify candidates directly, via sms or email. The instantaneous notification results in higher shift fill-rates and more satisfied employees as they don’t have to scramble at the last minute.

Integrate time recording and payroll

You can integrate recording of clock-ins and -outs for temporary staff, reconcile electronic timesheets and automatically send them to payroll for fast and accurate disbursements. Leading to higher levels of employee satisfaction and efficiency.

Generate reports

The in-built reporting feature allows you to generate a variety of actionable reports regarding shifts, coverage, productivity, cost analysis, etc. with ease. Giving you the edge through analytical knowledge of your temporary staffing operations and leading you towards better, data-led decisions for your business.

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