Unleash the power of your data.

CareAnalytics is a powerful analytics platform that business users will love. Our business intelligence module utilizes all data points within the system or interfaced into the system to provide real-time reporting and analytics for fast and actionable insights. Robust, easy to use and offering multiple options, CareAnalytics will help you unleash the power of your data and transform your business.

Real-time analytics for rapid action

CareAnalytics’ powerful processing can incorporate and analyze data instantaneously so you are always up-to-date on your reporting and analysis and your organization can respond intelligently and speedily to drive impactful change.

Powerful processing

The module’s complex algorithms are able to parse through loads of data and perform advanced analytics so you can monitor trends, recognize new opportunities, and improve productivity.

Easy reporting and analytics

CareAnalytics does all the hard work for you. Simply choose from over 60 defined reports available and the required time period to swiftly generate the analysis you require. The platform also provides quick access to recently or frequently accessed reports.

Export reports freely

CareAnalytics allows defined and custom reports to be exported into a variety of file formats resulting in savings on printing costs.

Utilize multiple sources of data

CareAnalytics can sift through tons of data, including those produced within the CareWare system as well as from sources interfaced into the system.

Get more value for your data

CareAnalytics is built to filter through the entire collection of data, within and interfaced into the system. Now you can leverage data and metrics related to any and all key operations, in real-time and compare them historically, to make informed decisions for your organization.

Impactful dashboard

Choose from a wide selection of KPIs, such as absenteeism, productivity, costing, overtime, staffing, leave etc. to create your personalized dashboard to serve your needs. Each dashboard tile offers a drill-down feature so you can dive further in-depth into the data displayed.

Custom report generator

The program’s complex analytics capacities allows the creation of any type of report based on available data. Users can utilize all available data from within or interfaced into the system to compare and analyze any number of parameters across any period of time.

Automated scheduling

Users can schedule for up-to-date reports to be emailed from within the system, to oneself or other recipients, at any defined frequency, saving time spent generating and emailing reports each and every time.

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