MOUNTAIN HOME, AR April 16, 2021: Baxter Regional Medical Center completed a successful Go Live with CareWare for Nurse Scheduling. Baxter Regional was a previous customer of Care Systems, but left Care Systems when the hospital introduced a hospital-wide software suite integrating payroll, timekeeping, scheduling, and HR. This software did not meet the nursing department’s needs, and Baxter Regional again turned to CareWare to fill the gap.

“As Baxter Regional has so many accolades for being a great place for Nurses: Journey to Magnet Excellence (ANCC), Best Places to Work 2019 & 2020 (Arkansas Business), 2018 Top 20 Hospital (NHRA), Rural and Community top 100 hospital 2018 (Charter Group), and 2017 Best Hospital For Nurses ( Thus, I am particularly proud that they chose Care Systems’ CareWare to empower staff, efficiently deploy effective Self-Scheduling, and have a paperless E-scheduling system,” says Jafar Basha, the project’s PM. “Working with the leadership and their commitment to staff satisfaction and usability has made implementing CareWare a wonderful experience.”

Expected Benefits that Baxter Regional plans to gain from incorporating CareWare are:

1. Ease of use compared (CareWare’s design for usability)
2. More system generated notifications from CareWare helping them in their daily operations,
3. CareWare’s Self Scheduling design improves staff satisfaction while reducing time in creating new schedules.
4. Enhances reporting capabilities on Sickness and OT
5. Improves staff retention due to staff being empowered by using our self-scheduling option for creating schedules

In addition to self-scheduling, the other feature of Baxter Regional’s implementation is a custom interface with Kronos. This allows the Nursing department to use CareWare while giving other departments a seamless experience within Kronos for time reconciliation and other functions.