Advanced Algorithms and Nurse Staffing

A recently published article focusing on the use of mathematical models to optimize nurse staffing demonstrates how algorithm-driven staffing can lead to improved staff coverage and a higher level of overall nurse satisfaction and lower annual costs. In my experience, while the benefits of advanced scheduling methods sound alluring, the tools and systems required to achieve them are generally perceived as intimidating, complicated, and out of reach for most healthcare organizations.

Fortunately for you, I have good news; this technology is available today in one flexible, comprehensive, user-friendly platform.

That platform is CareWare.

CareWare was the first platform to provide advanced staff scheduling algorithms and is still the industry leader in usability, flexibility, and customer satisfaction. Whether your goal is to automate staff scheduling, easily fill shifts at the lowest possible cost, improve staff satisfaction, or all of the above, CareWare provides a wealth of solutions to meet your needs.

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