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Our Belief

Our powerful staff scheduling engine is designed to help you find the right employee for the right shift at the click of a button.  At every step of the staffing process, we will empower you with just the right level of information without burdening you with unnecessary details.  We offer you the flexibility of choosing from many different scheduling options, coverage assessment methods, shift types and much more.  We also empower your employees by giving them the tools to make requests, change their shifts & express their preferred work times, all within the constraints defined by their managers.  Using CareWare, you can schedule your employees efficiently without conflicts, with lots of time to spare.

Our Strong Commitment…

Although we have designed our solutions to be user friendly, we still understand that even a positive change could be intimidating at first.  At Care Systems, we collaborate closely with our clients to help them make the best use of our system from day one.  Before the implementation phase, we always work hard to identify the organizational structures & processes that are unique to each new client.  This enables us to introduce our system in the smoothest possible way, each time.  In additon, our experienced interfacing experts can “pull” information that you may already have in other systems, saving you the headache of having to reenter data.  We offer a multitude of training packages, both on site & off, depending on the unique needs of our customers.  Plus, throughout all our client relationships, our dedicated customer support team will be just a phone call or a mouse-click away.  We take pride not only in our product, but also in helping our clients adopt it to its fullest potential.  We will not be satifsfied until every single employee at our client institutions adopt and use the CareWare Suite effectively.

Our Flexibility…

Unlike many larger companies, we don’t have to jump through hoops before changing our software products. This freedom, paired with our products’ incredible flexibility, allows us to incorporate your suggestions into our systems very quickly — even if your request is very specific to your organization. We take our clients’ requests for new features very seriously. Such requests are not a nuisance, but an opportunity for us to improve our products. That’s why we provide two upgrades every year at no additional charge.

Change Management

Adjusting to new technologies or transitioning away from regular procedures can be a very intimidating process. At CareSystems, we work closely with our clients to help them confidently adjust to such changes.

As a company, CareSystems has a rich history in change management. In 2003, CareSystems was born from an 11 year old management consulting company, Planmatics Inc. As a company specializing in using technology and benchmarking systems to enhance organizational productivity, Planmatics brings valuable change management expertise to CareSystems.


Change management is not an exact science, but a subtle art of investigation, motivation, and collaboration. Our ultimate goal is for our clients to use the CareWare Suite to its fullest potential. To help you receive the full reward of using the CareWare Suite, we will study your processes and collaborate with you to suggest possible improvements. We consistently help our clients transition away from manual processes and heavy paper use in the smoothest way possible. In fact, our change management approach has led to a 100% successful implementation rate, as well as large returns on investment.


Our unique implementation approach, coupled with our highly experienced and dedicated implementation team, has consistently achieved seamless integration and widespread adoption throughout our client organizations. Here’s how we approach implementation.

The first step in CareWare Implementation is gathering information about the practices and needs of each of your organization levels, such as hospital management, IT, and nursing units. We briefly speak with unit managers, IT staff, and staffing coordinators to understand their individual staffing practices and determine how the CareWare Suite will accommodate and improve such practices. 

Based on these findings, we will work with your organization’s leaders to jointly determine a project timeline for implementing and rolling out our software at your enterprise. As a hospital, your schedule is undoubtedly very busy. We understand that other projects or duties may take first priority, so we will coordinate with you to adjust to unexpected changes to the project timeline. Through this level of coordination, we will implement the CareWare Suite with minimal impact on your hospital operations.


Following implementation, CareSystems offers a multitude of comprehensive training packages which can be customized according to your organization’s unique needs.

Our training approach is designed to promote adoption and process transformation so hospitals can rapidly achieve their operational objectives, including obtaining a high return on investment.

Care Systems offers several flexible training options:

Tailored training for different user groups (e.g. managers. train the trainer approach, end user training, system administrators, hospital help desk, etc.).

Classroom style training for hands-on learning or web training.

On-line training for those unable to attend on site training, those who would benefit from refresher training, or new employees.

User documentation and manuals which we periodically update and deliver to you both in hard copy and electronic form.

Interfaces & Integration

Information is a key factor behind successful staffing and, consequently, quality patient care. Effectively sharing information is just as important — entering information into multiple systems not only wastes time, but also creates unreliable and inconsistent data.

The CareWare Suite’s flexible interfacing engine can interface with any hospital information system, including HR, Time and Attendance, Payroll, and Census systems. We have successfully interfaced with systems from numerous other vendors such as Kronos, Meditech, McKesson, API, VistA, and Oracle. These real-time or periodic interfaces provide automatic integration and information flow across your enterprise. As a result, you will never have to enter the same data into two different systems. 

We currently have live interfaces with most HRIS vendors and can even port customized interfaces over in minutes without costly custom coding. We welcome the opportunity to work with your HRIS vendor to build a seamless interface.

Who We’ve Interfaced With 

Customer Support

When it comes to customer support, we have exceptionally high standards — our mission is for every employee at your institution to adopt our staff management suite. At places like Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, Texas, where the CareWare Suite has become the nerve center of nursing, we have accomplished this mission.

We know that reliable and lasting customer support has been the key to achieving such successful and widespread adoption. Our customer support team will remain by your side during the entirety of our relationship. That’s why the American Hospital Association called our customer support “Absolutely Amazing” in 2008.

When it comes to customer support, we believe our job is never done. Whether you’ve been a client for five months or five years, you’ll still receive the same great support. Refresher and new employee trainings, whether on-site or via the web, are an integral part of our support services. We also perform two upgrades every year at no extra charge and typically train users on how to use these upgrades’ new features.

Because we know how important customer support is to your success, we offer one single, all-inclusive support package for one price. We don’t charge extra for advanced levels of support as many other companies do.  

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